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The Border Patrol is based on our classic, the "Border Patrol" backpack. The original Boder... more
Product information "Savotta "(border) hunter 'L'", black"

The Border Patrol is based on our classic, the "Border Patrol" backpack. The original Boder Patrol backpack is a classic from the 80s and is still in active use by the Finnish Border Guard and endless hunters and hikers. Over the years we have gathered user feedback, experiences and wishes. With this data we have developed a new extremely robust and anatomically shaped backpack - the Border Hunter!

The Grenzjäger is not your average trekking backpack - it is the tool for the demanding user who also needs to be able to rely on his equipment - when things get tough. The robustness of the original "Border Patrol" backpack was and is so highly praised by users that we have not made any changes to the basic structure of the backpack. The packsack and carrying system have undergone such a redesign that it is difficult to see the similarity to the "Border Patrol".

The many detailed solutions and the extensive MOLLE system make the backpack a real modular and versatile tool. Due to its slim shape, the backpack is ideal for skiing and hiking in demanding terrain. Due to the stable frame system, the well padded shoulder straps and the fixed hip belt, the Grenzjäger is also very suitable for heavy loads. The stable carrying system ensures that the backpack keeps its shape and the load is transported optimally to the hips so as not to overload the shoulders. Even if the rucksack is not fully packed or badly packed, the rucksack contents can be optimally fixed by the compression straps - so that the load sits close to the body and does not wobble around.

The packsack of the border hunter is kept relatively narrow, but also offers sufficient storage space for longer trekking tours. The main opening has an extremely watertight roll closure, which also allows "overpacking". With the help of the roll closure, the height of the backpack can be flexibly and continuously adjusted between 60-80 cm. The roll closure is closed with a 25mm buckle. The backpack opening has an additional normal lid which is secured with straps. The lid of the backpack is equipped with adjustable straps on both sides, so the height can be adjusted individually, it is easier to "overpack" or it is possible to pack bulky or additional equipment under the lid. Furthermore, the lid compartment has an additional zipper compartment in the size of 26 x 30 cm. On the front of the lid there is a large velcro surface (5x13 cm) for attaching a patch.

The main compartment of the backpack can be divided into an upper and a lower compartment (bottom compartment usually for the sleeping bag). The upper section contains a compartment in the back which is closed by a Velcro fastener (28 x 50 cm) and which also holds the aluminium frame of the carrying frame. This compartment can also be used to store a hydration system or documents that need to be kept separate from the rest of the contents. A slim notebook can also be stored in this compartment, but it should be protected to avoid contact with the frame. In the upper part of the backpack there is an outlet for the hose of a hydration system. A loop above this compartment keeps contents such as a hydration system securely in place. The contents of the bottom compartment can be quickly accessed via an additional zipper. This zipper has two zippers so that the compartment can be opened as far as you like, closed in any direction and is easy to use even when wearing gloves. With four side compression straps, the backpack can be optimally compressed even with only a small load. The compression straps have ultra-stable 25mm buckles and are long enough to fix even additional bulky equipment on the outside of the backpack.

Shooting system:
None of our hunter backpacks is complete without a comprehensive MOLLE range. The MOLLE system is used by almost every armed force worldwide. The system has been developed to work under almost all circumstances and is extremely robust. The application of the MOLLE system makes the Grenzjäger one of the most flexible trekking backpacks. MOLLE applications can be found on the front, sides and top - as well as on the shoulder strap and hip belt. With the help of the MOLLE system almost any additional pocket on the backpack can be
which is equipped with MOLLE. This gives the possibility to "tune" the backpack accordingly and to expand it to a multifunctional carrying system for professional use. Every single MOLLE loop of our system holds a tensile load of
at least 100 kg.

Further recording points:
The long compression straps go almost all the way around the backpack from top to bottom. These straps can be used to attach additional equipment such as insulating mats, sleeping bags, etc. almost anywhere on the rucksack. Of course you can also attach additional straps to the MOLLE system, which can be used to attach almost any additional equipment to the packsack. Longer equipment can also be fixed behind the side compression straps.

Carrying system:
The carrying system has been in use unchanged in our model "Border Patrol" for 25 years - the robustness and flexibility is praised again and again by the soldiers of the Finnish Border Guard. Therefore we have decided not to change the carrying system according to the motto: "never touch a running system". The carrying system has been developed for really demanding circumstances and masters them in practice. However, the border fighter has received completely redesigned shoulder pads as well as a completely redesigned hip belt. Due to the complete inner frame construction it is possible to carry the rucksack optimally even in densely overgrown terrain without getting stuck. The wide, comfortable shoulder straps and the robust hip belt ensure optimal load distribution. The shoulder straps have a fixation for a drinking tube. All buckles on the rucksack are extremely durable and resistant to shocks, frost and heat. The shoulder straps have load control straps - with the help of these straps the packsack can be brought closer to the shoulders or left further back. The load control straps are also important to bring the packsack quickly to the body in situations where you are running or in very demanding terrain. Of course, we have not forgotten the chest strap, which ensures that the shoulder straps do not slip and stay in place. As a small add-on, the shoulder straps have loops to carry smaller equipment.

The hip belt is very robust and has an additional cushion in the area of the lower back to ensure a plus in carrying comfort, which can be replaced or completely removed if necessary. The buckle of the hip belt is an extremely strong 40mm buckle made of special plastic. The hip belt is tightened by simply pulling the straps forward - the hip belt can be loosened just as quickly. The hip belt also has additional "Angel-Wings" - this allows the lower part of the packsack to be brought closer to the hip belt and thus to the carrier. The hip belt can also be removed completely and worn individually as an insert belt. The MOLLE system allows additional tactical pockets to be attached. In addition, the hip belt can be attached in height in 3 steps and thus the backpack can be optimally adjusted to the back length of the backpack wearer.

At the top of the rucksack there is a simple carrying handle which is long enough to be easily used by glove wearers.

Technical data:
height : 60-80 cm
width : 31 cm
Depth : 22 cm
Capacity : 40 - 60 litres
Lid capacity : 2 litres
Weight : 2.38 kg
Material : 1000D Cordura PU coated (100% Nylon)
Frame : aluminium DUR.
Guarantee : 5 years

Volume (litres): 20 - 65 Liter
Colour: Black
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