One-man package from the supermarket

Inexpensive one-man pack from the supermarket. We have managed to replace the original composition as far as possible with cheaper alternatives. See for yourself:

EPA Details: 

Pouch: 5.11 Molle Pouch 6.10

Beverage syrup: Tritop 
Canned bread: Pumpernickel 
Instant-Tea: Krüger Teegetränk
Instant-Coffee:  Nescafe Classic
Milkpowder: Krüger Kaffeeweisser 
Handkerchiefs:  Regina Softis
Cookies: Leibniz Butterkeks
Canned fruit: Libbys Fruchtcocktail
Main courses: Buss-Schalen

Cooking utensils on video::

Cup: Fold-A-Cup
Cutlery: Wildo Spork
Cooker: Esbit-Klapp-Kocher
Fuel: Esbitz Trockenbrennstoff

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